Get Me Press Launches an Online PR Agency Focused on Startups and Founders

Get Me Press Will Write, Edit and Place their Clients’ Stories in Leading Online Magazines and Industry-Specific Publications

The founders of Get Me Press are pleased to announce the launch of their online PR agency, which is focused on startups and founders.

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As a company spokesperson noted, the company’s motto is “We Tell Your Story Online.” The experienced team will work closely with their clients, and will write, edit and place their story in leading online magazines and industry-specific publications.

“We know that entrepreneurs and the founders of startups have ideas, and we have the platform to take those ideas from inception to a published contribution in leading online publications. This is why Get Me Press is focused on startups and founders,” the spokesperson noted, adding that the writers at Get Me Press have a great deal of experience writing for top publications, so they know how to get their clients’ messages across.

Advice and Profile articles are one effective way to increase a Google Search ranking, the spokesperson noted, by generating hundreds of visits to a website. As a bonus, online articles generally stay online longer than social media links, which will help generate free organic traffic.

“Each article will also generate new SEO, which will help our clients to have a strong digital presence and a high ranking on all the search engines,” the spokesperson noted.

These published articles will also provide backlinks, sending visitors to their clients’ website, as well as generating free organic traffic.

“Getting Press Online gives you and your brand trustworthy links boosting your conversions and leading to more sales.”

Becoming a contributor writer can also be an excellent way for a client to get into an online publication or an Industry Specific News magazine, as it will give entrepreneurs online credibility in their niche.

“Most future customers are literally searching on Google or other search engines for a solution to a problem they have. Writing advice or contributing articles on topics people are interested in or have questions about , such as ‘4 Ways to …’ or `’How to launch a …’ presents you as the possible solution to their problem,” the spokesperson noted.

This press will potentially offer a number of benefits, the spokesperson said, including the following:

  • Supercharged SEO
  • The entrepreneur’s name on page one, two and three of the google news search engine
  • Increase in brand visibility, credibility and equity
  • More inbound traffic and leads to content and offers
  • Exciting and unexpected opportunities for speaking gigs, capital investors, talent acquisition and invitations to be featured in more online publications and podcasts.

About Get Me Press

Get Me Press was Founded in 2022 by Adrienne Greenwood and Michael Hall who both have a diverse business background in development of strategic branding and communications and creative digital marketing that can advise their clients and their brand the best placements for their industry niche and budget. For more information, please visit our website

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