Launchpool Labs Debuts Football-Based NFT Card Game ‘NiftyFootball’

Launchpool Labs Debuts Football-Based NFT Card Game ‘NiftyFootball’ Blockchain PlatoBlockchain Data Intelligence. Vertical Search. Ai.
Launchpool Labs Debuts Football-Based NFT Card Game ‘NiftyFootball’ Blockchain PlatoBlockchain Data Intelligence. Vertical Search. Ai.

Launchpool Labs announced their latest venture NiftyFootball, a non-fungible token platform for Football collectibles. 


NiftyFootball, a new football-based NFT collectible game, has been announced by Launchpool Labs. Through the game, players buy and sell random packs of digital cards for collecting and trading. Akin to the traditional paper trading card experience.

Each NFT represents a fictional player with various traits which make up the “DNA” of that trading card. The platform utilizes the same ERC-721 standard used in other NFT games like CryptoKitties


Unlike similar platforms like Sorare, the NFTs are all one-of-a-kind. Their uniqueness lies in the random rarities and attributes of the fictional characters of each card. On the other hand Sorare cards, link back to the skills of the real-life player represented.

After players assemble their desired team their NFTs will be in the NiftyFootball app. Through the app or any compatible wallet, NFT holders can view and monitor their digital assets.

With these NiftyFootball NFTs, it is important card holders monitor their assets. This is due to the upgrade possibilities for the stats on each card. In addition rankings against the rest of the card pool teams are available for more competitive trading. Digital artist Stanley Chow designed all the NFTs in the NiftyFootball collection. He then sold all 1,000 of their initial release in less than five hours. 

There are two different packs available as part of the game, regular packs and elite packs. Regular packs contain all the “core attributes and traits” contained in the game. The elite packs offer several additional unique traits, which add value for each NFT on the same level. 

According to CEO of NiftyFootball, Andrew Ivison, “We believe football-based NFT collectibles have their own market and are the modern version of player sports cards that we all used to collect back in the day. NiftyFootball appeals to the players’ desire to buy, own, and trade pseudo-random packs of cards with friends. Each trading card is unique thanks to its DNA, via the minting and assigning of various traits per player. We are eager to bring football NFT collectibles to the world and believe the Launchpool community and the Launchpool Labs incubator will help us go global.”

Roxana Nasoi, MD at Launchpool Labs, also contributed to the press release, “We have seen massive growth for the eSports fantasy gaming industry, which is why we took notice of the team at NiftyFootball. They are all about passion for fantasy football and NFT in-game collectibles and artifacts, which makes us excited to bring their concept to life, over the course of three months, and work closely with our partners, advisors, and loyal community in shaping this unique product.”


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