Mushe (XMU) Goes Big: Solana (SOL) & Stellar (XLM) Named as Mushe’s Latest Blockchains

Mushe (XMU), the latest decentralized token commonly referred to as the next big thing due to its popularity and utility, continues to make great strides within the crypto community. The presale of XMU began on April 18th at a price of $0.005 per token, with many people taking an interest in them, causing the token price to increase by more than 300% over the first two weeks. As Mushe continues to do well and draw attention from investors interested in getting their hands on this futuristic token at its lower price to gain a greater return on investment, the team excitedly announced the news of its upcoming blockchain switch. Mushe will make the much-anticipated transition to the Solana and Stellar blockchains networks in the coming months.

Mushe (XMU) Goes Big: Solana (SOL) & Stellar (XLM) Named as Mushe’s Latest Blockchains Blockchain PlatoBlockchain Data Intelligence. Vertical Search. Ai.
Mushe (XMU) Goes Big: Solana (SOL) & Stellar (XLM) Named as Mushe’s Latest Blockchains

Mushe (XMU), which so far has sold more than 44,000,000 of 116,550,000 tokens available during stage one of the presale with 20 days left, is continuing to gain traction ahead of its July 4th full launch. It is likely to see an uptick in sales following this blockbuster announcement.

Mushe stated the transition from Ethereum to Solana and Stellar made the most sense for the project and will give the best functionality to the full suite of upcoming Mushe World products, which includes Mushe Wallet, MusheSwap (DEX) and the MusheVerse. All of which will have the XMU token at the centre of it. We can expect thousands of investors to continue purchasing the XMU tokens and adding them to their crypto wallets to hold for the foreseeable future.

Solana is arguably the fastest blockchain in operation, providing users with speedy, straightforward transactions without delays. The blockchain offers a safer, more secure experience while completing transactions within seconds, which users typically prefer when investing in tokens or selling them to others. It’s the ideal blockchain for Metaverse gaming and processing mass transactions between different users. Solana can host hundreds of thousands of users without disruptions or frustratingly slow loading times.

Using Stellar was an even easier decision for the Mushe team for several reasons, including its super-low transaction costs and the general speed at which transactions occur. Most of the transactions between users will happen within seconds, preventing delays and lengthy waiting periods for those who’d like to buy, sell, and trade immediately without experiencing any delays.

Those heavily involved in the crypto world know Stellar has a reputation for being an excellent blockchain purpose-built to host different types of cryptocurrencies tokenized fiat currencies. With Mushe making the switch, Stellar will be able to handle the exchange between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies, which is an added bonus for the Mushe Wallet offering. In addition, it’s beneficial to MusheSwap. Stellar allows different financial systems to work together seamlessly, overcoming the incompatibility issues crypto lovers experience within many other decentralized platforms.

Now that Mushe plans to switch over from the Ethereum network to Solana and Stellar, it’s an even better time for crypto enthusiasts, professionals and beginners to purchase XMU tokens, stocking up and collecting them as the token increases in value over the next several weeks. The decentralized token is available at a modestly low price. It offers significantly more utility than many cryptocurrencies on the market, making it a top choice and a stiff competitor to other tokens available to the public, such as Shiba Inu and Dogecoin.

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