AION Classic comes to European gamers PlatoBlockchain Data Intelligence. Vertical Search. Ai.

AION Classic comes to European gamers

With NARAKA: BLADEPOINT, 24 Entertainment has added a fresh weapon to their collection. Players will soon learn to master the lethal yet elegant Staff, which was inspired by Shaolin martial arts techniques. It will be added to the game on November 17 and follows the Dual Blades, which were added earlier this year, as the newest melee weapon.

The Staff, known as “the grandfather of all weapons,” distinguishes itself from NARAKA’s spear by providing good range and a versatile moveset. Players will use the Staff in an almost dance-like manner, just like in other well-known martial arts movies, games, and media. Since the game’s release, fans have asked for this weapon, and 24 Entertainment is excited for them to try out this brand-new gameplay.

The studio had some assistance in order to perfectly capture the fun and “feel” of the Staff, as lead producer Ray Kwan explains

“We invited a Shaolin monk to our Hangzhou headquarters to provide our Staff mocap, which involved recording a variety of real Shaolin staff moves, including sweeps, thrusts, upward swings, and many more, in order to truly bring the weapon to life. After that, we began implementing them into the game. These moves only needed a little adjusting to work in NARAKA! The fluidity and functionality of complex movements like these play a significant role in how well NARAKA’s combat functions. We manually adjust each one so that it flows into the next. To get this continuity work right with the Staff, it took some time.”

The Staff will be a great option for both seasoned players and newcomers alike, and it will feel familiar to those who prefer NARAKA’s Spear in-game. It offers the same fundamental horizontal and vertical attacks as other weapons, along with a variety of special moves for players to learn.

Players can close the distance with a swift dash attack, for example, when enemies try to flee. The Staff can also unleash sharp, exact strikes that have been charged up, which can then cascade into special maneuvers and a fluid new stance. Fans of NARAKA can anticipate more “lineage” style weapons in the future that will adapt current favorites for a more interesting and varied gameplay experience.


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