'Airwallex for Startups' Accelerator Expands to Singapore - Fintech Singapore

‘Airwallex for Startups’ Accelerator Expands to Singapore – Fintech Singapore

‘Airwallex for Startups’ Accelerator Expands to Singapore

by Fintech News Singapore

June 20, 2024

Global payments firm Airwallex has introduced its ‘Airwallex for Startups’ programme in Singapore, aiming to bolster the local startup ecosystem.

Following successful launches in Hong Kong and Australia, the Airwallex for Startups programme in Singapore seeks to assist over 55,000 startups with growth and scaling.

The programme provides startups with essential tools to manage finances effectively from the outset and fosters connections within the business ecosystem.

Participants in the programme will benefit from six months of waived expense management fees, 3% cashback on Airwallex Borderless Cards, up to S$20,000 in fee-free payments, Google Cloud credits worth up to S$250,000, up to three months of Xero subscription, and discounted HubSpot subscriptions.

Additionally, startups will have opportunities for networking with industry leaders and attending workshops on various topics, including artificial intelligence and customer relationship management.

As part of this launch, startups can apply for the S$10,000 Level-up Business Grant, designed to accelerate their growth.

Winners of this grant will be selected through a game of skill, where entrants must complete the application form and answer the question, “How could a S$10k grant help you level up your business?” in 100 words or less.

Entries will be judged by Airwallex based on the creativity of the responses.

Applications for the Airwallex for Startups programme in Singapore are open until 31 August 2024, with the winner announced at a partnership event before the Singapore Grand Prix later this year.

Arnold Chan

Arnold Chan

Arnold Chan, General Manager of Asia, Airwallex, said,

“Startups are the backbone of innovation and progress around the world, and this programme is designed to help Singapore’s entrepreneurs achieve their ambitions, take risks on their ideas, expand their reach and continue to build their businesses beyond borders.”

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