AV Magazine’s top six most popular online articles of 2022 PlatoBlockchain Data Intelligence. Vertical Search. Ai.

AV Magazine’s top six most popular online articles of 2022

Who now remembers the drama surrounding ISE’s commitment to holding an event in February 2022? Not even a year ago, the horribly timed arrival of the Omicron variant caused immense concern and put paid to plans for the show to be held at its usual time of year.

A report about this commitment was among the top ten most widely read stories of 2022 on the AV Magazine website (coming in at number seven), featuring alongside an announcement of shortlisted entrants for the AV Awards 2022 and even a story about the winners of the previous year’s AV Awards in 2021. Even the AV Awards Winners announcement from 2020 was still gaining traction.

But while the ISE show and our AV Awards have a permanent appeal to readers, if AV Magazine were to give a Person of the Year award for the most impact in 2022, like Time Magazine, it would have to go to a platform, not a person.

And the platform that made the most impact, as measured by the interest shown by our readers, was Microsoft Teams Rooms, which was the subject of the first and third most widely read stories of the year.

And so, without further ado, here are the six most widely read stories of 2022 on the AV Magazine website:

  1. What the AV industry gets wrong about Teams Rooms

Published on 22 December 2021 but popular well into 2022, this opinion article by consultant Greg Jeffreys warned that basic mistakes had been made, without a full understanding of workflows and user needs, in the rush to implement MTRs during the pandemic.

2. ‘Hasty’ German digital signage ban prompts confusion

With its reach amplified by a link from Hacker News, this news report covered the confusion that reigned as German authorities sought to limit the energy consumption of digital signage displays while war raged in Ukraine.

3. Microsoft introduces ‘enhanced’ Microsoft Teams Rooms

While Enhanced Teams Rooms are now known as Signature Teams Rooms, the popularity of this report shows the thirst for guidance that existed during the past year as end users flocked to secure the benefits of Microsoft Teams Rooms installations.

4. ‘Drone-controlled’ dolphins fly through air at Phish concert

This was the live event that most captured the attention of our readers, with drone-controlled dolphin and whale balloons flying through the air at a live music concert thanks to the creative direction of Moment Factory.

5. The AV Awards 2022 winners have been announced!

The ever-popular award winners announcement is a story that picks up readers well into the next year, with the winners emerging from a robust judging process involving independent end users and consultants which has won praise in cross-industry comparisons.

6. ‘The end of the semiconductor shortage is in sight’

It’s a claim that may seem hard to believe when it takes 100 days or even a year to fulfil an order for some products, but analysts at Deloitte have predicted that the dire impact of the semiconductor shortage will end sooner than previously expected.

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