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Ballads of Hongye is officially out tomorrow

AION Classic is coming to PC in Europe, according to Gameforge, a well-known Western publisher of popular multiplayer online games like AION, NosTale, OGame, and Metin2. Beginning in early 2023, players will go back to the game’s origins and relive the conflict between the Elyos and Asmodians, dealing with the Balaur threat that constantly looms at the Abyss Gate’s entrance as well.

The intention is to introduce the content of the original AION based purely on version 2.0 when AION Classic debuts in Europe. In time, Gameforge hopes that players in Europe will have access to the same unique adventures and remember why this MMORPG is so popular with players all over the world.

Nyoka, the Product Manager at Gameforge in charge of AION, said, “Today, we are happy to share that the highly anticipated release of AION Classic is coming soon to Europe. In order to make sure that the European release builds on the experience of other regions while also addressing technical issues that will ensure a fun, seamless gaming experience for our players, working with our development partners at NCSoft is essential.”

All MMORPG players can start over in the Atreian world on the permanent server AION Classic additional balancing, and enhancements to quality of life With the 2.0 update, the European Classic server will launch

Both new and experienced players will be able to explore the expansive and distinctive realm of Atreia, find or enjoy fabled dungeons, and participate in the conflict between Elyos and Asmodians.

Siel’s Aura and Daeva Pass features will be accessible to offer extra rewards, just like in other regions. Future updates to AION Classic will also bring exclusive content to Europe, such as the new dungeons or the recently added new classes.

In the visually stunning free-to-play MMORPG AION, players can become a god and engage in a protracted conflict between two opposing factions. They must save their people and put the vast, beautiful world of Atreia back in balance after the Cataclysm by using their divine abilities and the ability to fly truly.


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