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Crypto is going to Qatar with, fresh from withstanding mass withdrawals, sponsoring the world cup.

“Can crypto get more mainstream than this,” asks an ad highlighting the event. We’d say yes, it can get mainstream in usage rather than just awareness.

Qatar has been subject to significant criticism for its human rights record, but football goes on with the show opening on Sunday.

Italy is disqualified already, this being the first time in living memory they won’t be playing on the world stage.

England already has the ‘it’s coming home’ banners flying, but nobody believes it with it probable Germany or Brazil wins again instead because it’s just what they do.

That makes this the hot betting season with crypto now able to play too on Polymarket, a Polygon based betting market, alas that’s filled with politics right now rather than football.

Still, after an eventful few weeks for crypto and the world, everybody can finally relax a bit and take part in acceptable xenophobia as we all go through the four-yearly ritual to back our team and ree at the other, with all an excuse of course to have some party at the pub.

And this year, for the first time, crypto will be there too. Downbeaten, even dead, but still standing says Elton John in the song and soon enough it will be standing in front of probably about two billion people.

That’s a lot. Maybe not as many Americans as they arrogantly replace the global event with their own yearly Super Bowl to compensate for their terrible performance in actual football, but Europe and much of the world will be watching every move in the fields of Qatar.

For the first time in living memory, the finale will also be near Christmas, making it way weird as that period is more for mould wine and shopping, rather than shouting and hooliganism, but we’ll still enjoy the 40 degrees Arabian sun from our cozy and snowy wood fired living rooms where this time we can mix Hallelujah with its coming home.

Perhaps that will do the trick to give England a win for the first time in 80 years, even if the country is a bit too miserable right now to celebrate anything.

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