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Does Crypto And NFT Have A Future In Online Gaming?

It has been over a decade since crypto, and non-fungible tokens (NFT) entered the digital revolution. Nowadays, they’re shaking off outdated technology in the online gaming industry that requires prepayment to play. Hence, online gaming is now becoming an alternative source of income for users. 

Play-to-earn platforms, such as crypto gaming Australia are forming to offer lucrative incentives to participants through NFTs. Gamers can leverage blockchain-enabled crypto games to reinvest in the digital market or by staking NFTs and transforming them to cash. 

The future of the two technologies in online gaming seems bright when you look at the influx of investors trying to own a piece of the industry. It follows the rise of cryptocurrency market value and the rapid growth of NFT in the last two years. The traditional online gaming stakeholders are also finding ways to incorporate crypto and NFT projects to attract more users. 

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If you’re wondering what the future holds for crypto and NFT in online gaming, this article will highlight the projected changes in the gaming industry.

  • Double Earnings

Playing blockchain-supported games can earn money and digital assets created for the digital market. Because of this, crypto and NFT bring a different twist to online gaming that will continue to change how gamers interact with developers in the industry. 

It beats the logic of pay-to-play, a common trait of traditional online gaming. Today, players have various money-making opportunities to build a portfolio and trade these digital assets. It’s perhaps the main reason more online gaming ventures are reviewing their models to retain users.

  • In-Built Marketplaces

Play-to-earn gaming model is open to trade, so gamers can easily transact cryptos and NFTs. It’s one aspect that online gaming lacks, but things might change by integrating crypto and NFT.

In addition, the in-game incentives continue to alter the gaming industry as gamers can pool funds to support new gaming project development. You can collect passive income once the project starts to gain traction in the digital markets. Also, the underlying technology allows gamers to dispose of new games or character creations within or outside the blockchains. 


  • Mass Adoption

The wider cryptocurrency technology is accepted in most countries, the better for the industry. The stakeholders in the gaming industry are laying down structures to pivot the shift to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, respectively.

Tech experts foresee crypto and NFT taking over the digital economy and the internet. Such sentiment aligns with cryptocurrency’s decentralization, where transactions have no limitations or regulations.

  • The Hub Of Digital Creativity

Creativity in regular online gaming has limitations, and the games have a central source controlling users’ experience. Crypto and NFT transformed the gaming concepts by introducing real-time experiences for play-to-earn gamers. 

In addition, game developers can collect improvement ideas from users to enhance online gaming. Users’ can also create characters and continue to play in the identical blockchain. Such possibilities are grounds to sustain the union of crypto, NFT, and online gaming.

  • Unlimited Potential

Combining crypto and NFT in online gaming opens the world to the metaverse. Imagine a virtual reality world and design games to simulate your ideas. It allows you to share the same innovations with gamers looking to indulge in developing more diverse characters to play the game.

In addition, experts consider crypto and NFT a fundamental technology for the future. Online gaming is already feeling the impact of such developments, which means adjusting to the changes in the digital ecosystem. 

  • Redefinition Of Leisure Activity

The market capitalization of crypto and NFT is partly contributing to the rise of play-to-earn. The fact that people can earn an income while having fun playing online games proves that the union of crypto and NFT will continue to sail into the future. 

People in developing countries are reaping the benefits of online gaming that involve crypto and NFT as the currency. For instance, Filipino communities are ditching the 9 to 5 jobs to engage in a redefined leisure activity.

  • Immutable Ownership

Ownership in online gaming is set to change as people continue to adopt crypto and NFT. The underlying technology allows users to develop and own assets equating to real money. NFT, in particular, enables you to retain ownership until you decide to quit or sell your rights. It breathes life into regular online gaming that seems rigid and less competitive.

Final Thoughts

Crypto and NFT have a future in online gaming, and the revolution is still in the infancy stage.  More people are looking to get into the tech-enabled online gaming industry with great potential in the future. Experts predict more from the gaming industry than what people can see now.

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