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Ethereum Shows a Drastic Growth; Predicts a Bullish Price

  • Ethereum shows growth in its price and market cap.
  • After the long crypto winter, Ethereum’s growth indicates a bullish price.
  • By the end of the coming month, Ethereum would show drastic growth.

Ethereum, one of the leading blockchains, had been predicted to have a bullish price by the end of October after long months of bear markets in the crypto world.

Ether Price Chart

Notably, Ethereum had been moving in a downward direction for the last several months, losing almost 63% of its price. Surprisingly, according to today’s analysis, Ether has reached a level to indicate a bullish level with a market cap of $387.96 million.

Ether’s six months market cap
Ether’s six months market cap

Based on a recent analysis, it is calculated that Ethereum’s token would trade at a median price of $1578 by the end of October 31. Interestingly, the crypto community’s price prediction for Ethereum indicates an increase of $186.89 (13.34%) from the price at the time of the estimation, $1391.65.

However, the forecasts for November showed Ether slightly less bullish, only by 12.53%, compared to the token’s current price.

While having a deeper analysis of the token since its inception, it could be identified that till the last year, it had shown immense growth. Its price had grown from its lowest at $0.311 to its highest at $4,800 by the last year.

Recently, Bloomberg intelligence analyst, Mike McGlone predicted that the price of Ether at the end of the year would be between $4000 and $4500.

Since November 2021, the whole crypto market has been under the “crypto winter,” dropping almost 60%. By the second half of 2022, the crypto world began to show signs of recovery, with most of its assets trading on a large scale.

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