‘Ghost Python,’ Hoskinson Reacts To First Cardano Python Smart Contract

‘Ghost Python,’ Hoskinson Reacts To First Cardano Python Smart Contract

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The Cardano network could see a spike in the number of developers and development activity as the possibility of Python smart contracts grows.

Charles Hoskinson has described the first Cardano Python smart contract as “Ghost Python.”

The Cardano founder tweeted this in response to a thread about Cardano’s first Python smart contract trolling Cardano detractors.

For context, Cardano critics have described it as a “ghost chain” in a swipe at its perceived lack of utility. Hoskinson, in turn, has taken this label in stride, often using it to troll critics in the face of significant Cardano milestones or development. 

The latest feat achieved by the ImperatorLang team dedicated to making it possible for developers to create smart contracts on Cardano with Python saw the team compile and deploy the first of these on Cardano’s pre-production testnet, per a tweet from the group on Tuesday.

Specifically, the group used Eopsin, described as “a very strict subset of valid Python.” According to the ImperatorLang team, the language is intuitive, flexible, functional, efficient, and secure. In addition, as “100% valid Python,” developers can utilize the existing Python tool stack.

It is worth noting that the team plans to integrate with PyCardano, the network’s Python library, next.

The ability to write Cardano smart contracts with Python is a significant milestone, as it will likely attract more developers to the network. This is because Python is one of the world’s most popular programming languages and also the most readable. Consequently, it could lead to a substantial increase in the number of projects built on the network.

Recall that Cardano has held the crown as development king for two years in a row already. Per the Cardano weekly development report released yesterday, there are 112 projects on the network, with 1,162 in development.

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