Japanese Financial Companies Fusion into Unbanked to Expand Digital Liquidity Initiatives - Crypto-News.net

Japanese Financial Companies Fusion into Unbanked to Expand Digital Liquidity Initiatives – Crypto-News.net

Japanese Financial Companies Fusion into Unbanked to Expand Digital Liquidity Initiatives - Crypto-News.net PlatoBlockchain Data Intelligence. Vertical Search. Ai.

Blockchain financial assets have seen tremendous uptake in recent years. Institutions and individuals are now seeking practical routes to gain exposure to digital assets with minimum fuss. To date, the Japanese crypto market has been underserved, with a lack of reputable organisations offering the on-chain financial services people now require to participate in the digital ownership economies of the future.

Today, several major Japanese financial service companies announced a strategic fusion of their operations to meet this pressing need with the launch of Unbanked. Unbanked aims to provide digital liquidity solutions to the Japanese market and beyond. Crowd Bank, Personal Capital and Kinka Gold will collaborate to deliver neo-finance that will meet the growing demand for on-chain assets and digital financial services.

The three companies are leading in their space. Crowd Bank is one of Japan’s premier Loan-type Crowdfunding Platform, offering individuals access to investment portfolios such as real estate and renewable energies at low minimum buy-in amounts. Crowd Bank crowdfunds large loans for institutions sourced from retail individuals, allowing them to earn no look return. Personal Capital is a dynamic corporate loan enterprise that supplies businesses with the borrowing facilities they need to finance their operations. Kinka Gold is a gold trading services company that issues a gold-backed crypto token reserve-backed by premium Japanese bullion. 

All three have a long tradition of boosting financial access to people who otherwise would not regularly participate in markets. Working together is confirmation of their joint ambition to bolster financial inclusion to all. Unbanked brings together their expertise and experience to offer all clients worldwide a route into on-chain economies. Their goal is to provide institutional-grade blockchain services to clients alongside their traditional operations.

Unbanked will give clients the opportunity to receive crypto loans, access on-chain gold, and participate in crowdfunded investments using blockchain assets. Unbanked represents an expansion of all three companies’ service-profile by boosting their integration with digital ownership economies and giving their users the exposure they crave and the financial instrumentation they need.

More and more financial services are expected to move on-chain in the coming years. The efficiency, accountability, and immutability of blockchains is proving to be an effective substrate for global money markets – all while boosting individual autonomy. The launch of Unbanked is a response to that trend, building effective retail infrastructure to these new economies so that the crowd can get involved and the individual can benefit.

About Unbanked

Unbanked is a Web3 initiative by three major Japanese financial service companies aimed at promoting financial inclusion and access to blockchain economies for individuals and institutions alike. Unbanked expands Crowd Bank, Personal Capital and Kinka Gold’s services into crypto, delivering financial freedom and unique access to digital assets for their customers.

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