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Mastercard CEO Feels Mass Crypto Adoption Has a Long Way to Go

  • Michael Miebach said that crypto will take more time before it becomes mainstream.
  • He said that regulatory compliance for a safe crypto experience helps crypto adoption.
  • Michael feels by partnering with Coinbase, MasterCard makes it easy to buy NFTs.

In a recent interview, Mastercard CEO gave his two cents on the great possibility of mass adoption of crypto but added that crypto still has a long way to go. The CEO discussed subjects of inflation, recession and crypto in his interview.

Miebach claimed that regulatory compliance for a secured crypto experience will further help people to adopt cryptos and that his firm is optimistic about digital assets like cryptos.

Miebach emphasized on the absence of comprehensive regulatory rules as being one of the reasons that crypto adoption is at such a slow pace. Moreover, he said that even though cryptos seem interesting to many consumers, they are still unsure of how to enter the space and get maximum protection on their holdings.

When asked about the possibility of everyone turning to crypto someday in future, Miebach said that there is a question of regulatory compliance, on scalable technology and on making sure it is a predictable user experience.

He added that crypto payments or buying digital assets like NTFs should have been an easy going process. Micheal also shared that due to Mastercard’s partnership with the crypto exchange Coinbase, buying NFTs has become as easy as buying coffee.

As for Mastercard’s involvement in crypto space, the CEO stated that the company allows investors to delve into cryptos “as easy and more importantly as safe” as any rival company.

Miebach explained that MasterCard also allows crypto payout to be pushed back into Mastercards for a hasslefree and straightforward user experience. He also touched upon Mastercard’s involvement with government agencies to deploy safety and security for Central Bank Digital Currencies too.

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