Mocaverse leads NFT sales as MOCA airdrop begins

Mocaverse leads NFT sales as MOCA airdrop begins

Mocaverse leads NFT sales as MOCA airdrop begins PlatoBlockchain Data Intelligence. Vertical Search. Ai.

Mocaverse led CryptoSlam’s NFT rankings on Wednesday, with sales reaching over US$867,340.

MOCA, the token project’s token, started its airdrop campaign to Moca NFT holders on Thursday.

Mocaverse is Animoca Brands’ membership collection of 8,888 unique NFTs.

The Ethereum blockchain, where Mocaverse resides, reported a sales increase, with the day’s total reaching US$5.72 million, up from US$3.76 million the previous day.

The second-ranking collection for the day was CryptoPunks, with a total sales volume of US$621,865.

This collection, also on the Ethereum blockchain, saw transactions from 6 unique buyers and sellers, with an average sale price of US$103,644.

CryptoPunks’ all-time sales volume stands over US$2.85 billion, ranking it third in the industry. It is about US$300 million away from Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), which is second in all-time sales.

DMarket claimed the third spot in daily rankings, generating US$514,735 in sales. The collection, which operates on the Mythos blockchain, attracted a massive number of 3,199 unique buyers and 2,777 sellers. Mythos’ daily sales amounted to US$535,000 on Wednesday.

Other notable collections include BAYC and Froganas, which ranked fourth and fifth respectively. BAYC, with daily sales of US$485,053, and Froganas, with US$480,739.

Froganas is hosted on the Solana network. The blockchain recorded US$3.12 million in daily sales, second only to Ethereum on Wednesday.

Collections such as Gods Unchained Cards and DogeZuki also made headlines, with Gods Unchained Cards seeing over US$457,583 in sales without any seller activity, and DogeZuki Collection amassing US$435,944 from a staggering 10,534 unique buyers.

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