Money to be Made with Crypto Gaming? Sector Booms as Notcoin Announces $50M Accelerator and New Play2Earn Project Shiba Shootout Presale Trends

Money to be Made with Crypto Gaming? Sector Booms as Notcoin Announces $50M Accelerator and New Play2Earn Project Shiba Shootout Presale Trends

Money to be Made with Crypto Gaming? Sector Booms as Notcoin Announces $50M Accelerator and New Play2Earn Project Shiba Shootout Presale Trends




Notcoin announces a $50 million accelerator for Telegram-based crypto games while Shiba Shootout, a new Play2Earn project, gains momentum in its presale.

In a significant boost to the growing crypto gaming sector, Telegram-based Notcoin has announced a $50 million accelerator fund in partnership with Helika, an AI-powered analytics firm.

This initiative aims to propel the development of the next wave of Telegram games, leveraging the potential of blockchain technology. Concurrently, the Play2Earn (P2E) project Shiba Shootout is gaining traction in its presale phase, drawing attention with its unique Wild West-inspired theme and community-driven gameplay.

Notcoin’s $50 Million Accelerator: A New Era for Telegram Crypto Gaming

Notcoin, a pioneering Telegram mini app known for its innovative approach to integrating crypto rewards into gameplay, is set to lead the charge in transforming the Telegram gaming ecosystem. The announcement of the $50 million Telegram Gaming Accelerator, in collaboration with Helika, marks a significant milestone in this journey.

The accelerator will use The Open Network (TON) blockchain to support game developers in creating engaging and rewarding Telegram mini-apps. The initiative is reportedly designed to help game studios, mobile app developers, and indie creators build exceptional gaming experiences. 

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Notcoin highlighted the rapid growth of Telegram’s mini apps, which it refers to as the “new meta,” underscores the need for such an accelerator.

Notcoin has already set a precedent for success among Telegram-based games. The app quickly gained popularity, reaching a market capitalization of $2 billion shortly after its launch following a successful airdrop.

Although the NOT token experienced a post-launch dip, stabilizing around $1.2 billion with each token priced at $0.01187, the project has maintained strong interest.

The success of other Telegram-based games like Hamster Kombat and Catizen, which utilize simple gameplay mechanics combined with real crypto rewards, further emphasizes the potential of this platform. These games have captivated users by offering tangible incentives, thereby increasing engagement and adoption.

The collaboration between Notcoin and Helika aims to diversify the types of games available on the TON blockchain, attracting a broader audience. By incorporating crypto into gameplay, the partnership hopes to replicate the success seen with other notable projects Helika has been involved with, such as Ubisoft and Yuga Labs, the creator of Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Shiba Shootout: A Wild West-Themed P2E Project

As Notcoin’s accelerator prepares to drive the next wave of Telegram games, Shiba Shootout is making waves in the P2E sector with its engaging presale. This community-driven project combines creativity, competition, and camaraderie in a Wild West setting, offering crypto enthusiasts a unique and immersive experience.

Shiba Shootout’s narrative begins in a digital Wild West, where a mysterious stranger with a love for Shiba Inu dogs created a meme coin project that quickly garnered attention. The game is set in Shiba Gulch, a vibrant digital town where players participate in challenges, share memes and engage in high-stakes battles. Key characters like Marshal Shiba and the Shiba Sharpshooters add depth and excitement to the storyline.

Marshal Shiba, a legendary figure in the crypto frontier, leads the charge with his quick draw and sharp tongue, rallying supporters for the ultimate shootout. Alongside him are the Shiba Sharpshooters, a group of skilled crypto enthusiasts and meme creators who play a crucial role in the game’s success.

Unique Features and Gameplay

Shiba Shootout offers a variety of Wild West-inspired features designed to engage the community and enhance the gaming experience. The game incorporates several innovative mechanisms, including a referral program called “Posse Rewards,” where users earn bonus tokens for inviting friends to join the community.

Regular “Campfire Stories” sessions allow community members to share their crypto experiences, with the best stories earning rewards. Additionally, “Token Governance Roundups” enable token holders to vote on key project decisions, fostering a sense of ownership and participation.


The game also features a “Lucky Lasso Lottery,” where participants can purchase tickets using Shiba Shootout tokens for a chance to win significant crypto prizes. A portion of the proceeds will support charitable initiatives.

The “Savings Saddlebags” feature allows users to allocate a percentage of their tokens to a dedicated wallet, earning additional rewards over time. Furthermore, “Cactus Staking” lets users stake their tokens on a digital cactus, accumulating more tokens the longer they stake, creating a playful visual representation of growing rewards.

Shiba Shootout’s Tokenomics and Roadmap

Shiba Shootout’s tokenomics are carefully structured to support the project’s growth and sustainability. The total supply of tokens is allocated across various segments, including presale, staking, marketing, liquidity, and project funds, ensuring a balanced distribution that promotes both short-term engagement and long-term stability.

Money to be Made with Crypto Gaming? Sector Booms as Notcoin Announces $50M Accelerator and New Play2Earn Project Shiba Shootout Presale Trends PlatoBlockchain Data Intelligence. Vertical Search. Ai.

The project’s roadmap includes key milestones such as the launch of community events, token generation, marketing campaigns, and listings on popular decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and centralized exchanges (CEXs).

Future phases will see the release of mini-games, community airdrops, and strategic partnerships to expand the project’s reach. This comprehensive roadmap highlights the project’s commitment to ongoing development and community engagement, aiming to foster a vibrant and loyal user base.

The success of Bitcoin and the promising prospects of Shiba Shootout highlights the immense potential of the crypto gaming sector. By combining engaging gameplay with real crypto rewards, these projects are entertaining and offer incentives, making them attractive to a wide audience.

A Booming Sector with Endless Possibilities

The $50 million Telegram Gaming Accelerator by Notcoin and Helika is set to revolutionize the Telegram gaming ecosystem, fostering the development of innovative and rewarding games.

Simultaneously, Shiba Shootout’s unique approach to P2E gaming, with its Wild West theme and community-driven features, is capturing the interest of crypto enthusiasts worldwide.

Traders and gamers alike should watch these developments closely as they pave the way for the next generation of blockchain-based entertainment and engagement.

With their unique offerings and strong community support, both Notcoin and Shiba Shootout present exciting opportunities for engagement and gains, marking a new era in the intersection of gaming and cryptocurrency.

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