OG and Heroic among pro duos who fall as amateurs win Red Bull Flick 2vs2 PlatoBlockchain Data Intelligence. Vertical Search. Ai.

OG and Heroic among pro duos who fall as amateurs win Red Bull Flick 2vs2

Red Bull Flick 2vs2 Copenhagen concluded on Sunday with amateur pair Puteli & 8Juho8 taking home the trophy and €20,000 for their efforts in the pro-am tournament.

It was an all-amateur grand-final as the two duos who made their way through the group stages, Puteli & 8Juho8 and raks0n & mati, swept aside the likes of OG‘s flameZ & F1KU and Heroic‘s cadiaN & TeSeS in Red Bull’s capture the point game mode.

Puteli and 8Juho8 met in Helsinki during last year’s event

“It feels amazing. I achieved everything I wanted, including revenge on magixx,” said Alex “Puteli” Koivanen, who was beaten by the Russian rifler in the previous iteration of this event.

“When we started playing together I had high hopes for us because we both knew the game mode so well,” Juho “8Juho8” Kankaanpää added, “so I was really confident we were going to make it far.”

Before getting the chance to take on the professional duos the amateurs had to battle their way through two gruelling group stages that saw 24 teams whittled down to only two. It wasn’t just amateur teams competing in the group stage however, with Adriano “⁠WOOD7⁠” Cerato and Lucas “⁠lux⁠” Meneghini of Fluxo and Matúš “⁠MATYS⁠” Šimko and Jan “⁠HONES⁠” Urválek of Sampi arriving in Copenhagen having made their way through the qualifiers.

The professionals from Sampi and Fluxo found out just how dangerous motivated and well-practiced amateurs could be, with both teams falling in the first group stage with 3-2 and 2-3 records respectively. It was prior experience in Red Bull Flick events that shone through, with many of the duos who saw success in the first group stage having featured in Red Bull Flick 2vs2 Helsinki 2021.

Ultimately it was Puteli & 8Juho8 and raks0n & mati who triumphed and made it all the way to Sunday’s double-elimination bracket, Puteli and both of raks0n & mati having made top-three in Helsinki last year. Those pairs were bested by the duo of sdy & magixx in Finland, and had the chance to exact revenge on one of their nemeses with Boris “⁠magixx⁠” Vorobiev in attendance here in Copenhagen.

First they would have to wait for the professionals to fight for the right to face them, as both of the amateur squads were seeded directly to the upper semi-finals. The teams that earned their way there were magixx & w0nderful, who beat es3tag & calc and m0NESY & jks, and cadiaN & TeSeS, who defeated drop & GaBi and flameZ & F1KU.

OG and Heroic among pro duos who fall as amateurs win Red Bull Flick 2vs2 PlatoBlockchain Data Intelligence. Vertical Search. Ai.

The early stages of Red Bull Flick captured an old-school LAN feel

Once again the amateurs proved they were anything but pushovers as they defeated their professional counterparts to make the upper final, their superior knowledge of the maps and familiarity with the game mode proving too much for the pros to overcome. This guaranteed at least one amateur duo would be in the grand final.

It was Puteli & 8Juho8 who reigned supreme in the upper final, but raks0n & mati quickly brushed off the disappointment and exacted revenge on magixx by eliminating him, thus securing the clash of the amateurs in the final.

The grand-final itself saw Puteli & 8Juho8 head into the match with a 1-0 map advantage, and they made it count as they triumphed 3-1 to take home the lion’s share of the prize pool and the Red Bull Flick trophy.

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