Profitable Investment –Top Altcoins Under $5 Suitable For Long Term Gains

Profitable Investment –Top Altcoins Under $5 Suitable For Long Term Gains

Profitable Investment –Top Altcoins Under $5 Suitable For Long Term Gains PlatoBlockchain Data Intelligence. Vertical Search. Ai.

As the market corrects, the next step is to look out for crypto gems that can provide amazing returns. In the hope that the market will bounce back in a couple of weeks, this article will analyze 5 top altcoins that may be key for long term growth. Optimism status as a layer 2 blockchains makes it a natural pick. also makes the cut with its revolutionary AI adventure. As for Angry Pepe Fork, the token brings the idea of a conquer-to-earn model, giving individuals staking opportunities.

Angry Pepe Fork Among Altcoin Gems To Keep A Watch On

Alongside Optimism and, Angry Pepe Fork is a new altcoin that investors should take seriously. Built on the Solana network, Angry Pepe Fork intends to take the fight to the rebels and the renegades, defeating zombie meme coins to become the best altcoin. To achieve this, Angry Pepe Fork sought the service of individuals (armies) who fought valiantly at the battlefield.

The more zombies crushed by the fighters, the more their staking opportunities. As a reward for their commitment, individuals are awarded free tokens and made high placed members of the platform. The big news is that users can start to stake their tokens while at presale, making it the best altcoins to invest in. Depending on the number of assets staked, users can earn up to 50% APY rewards.

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APORK, the native token of Angry Pepe Fork is currently available at $0.014 at presale. The platform also reserved special rewards for holders which can be unlocked through staking and participating in the various conquer-to-earn challenges. Furthermore, Angry Pepe Fork is in discussion with collaborators to bring more functionalities to this token to enhance its value.

Solana-based meme coins have seen big success stories since the start of the year and Angry Pepe Fork could be the best altcoin to follow the trend. With a fixed supply of 1.9 billion, Angry Pepe Fork is thinking of rarity and long term value appreciation. As a result, analysts envisage that the token could rise by 250% at the end of presale and 350% by listing.

Optimism Token Remains Promising Despite Market Correction 

Optimism takes care of the inability of Ethereum to provide scalability. Due to its lower gas fees and faster transaction, Optimism is used by users and developers. However, with the bear correction, Optimism price has lowered in recent times, going down by 17% in the last week.

The bear trend also affected the Optimism market cap which has fallen below $2.5 billion. On the contrary, the Optimism trading volume is moving up, projecting that investors are trading the token. With Optimism retaining higher value in TVL among Ethereum Layer 2 blockchains, the token is an altcoin that could give massive profit in the coming weeks. 

– Advertisement – Down By 27%– Is $2 Still Possible? gained popularity as an AI token and set a new ATH record of $3.47 in March. However, as the market began to slow down, the price began to dwindle with the token dumping by 27% in the past month based on CoinMarketCap data.  Also affected is the market cap which is barely above $1.4 billion.

The proposed merger with other AI tokens is still a work in progress with the token losing traction in the past few weeks. Even though it trades above the 50 and the 200-day exponential moving average, it is feared that a continuation of these trends could make it difficult for the price to hit $2 soon.

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