Samurai Maiden is coming out in December PlatoBlockchain Data Intelligence. Vertical Search. Ai.

Samurai Maiden is coming out in December

The Once Human production team, Starry studio, has disclosed that a brand-new trailer will debut on November 17, 2022, during the PC Gaming Show 2023 Preview event. Both the official PC Gamer Twitch channel and the official PC Gamer YouTube channel will stream the live show beginning at 10 AM Pacific (1 PM Eastern, 6 PM GMT).

Taking place in a post-apocalyptic world brought about by extraterrestrial materials, Once Human is a multiplayer open-world survival game. Players of the video game Once Human must survive in a world that has been altered by an alien material known as “Stardust,” which has an impact on all living things. With realistic weather and lighting effects and a vast open area that begs to be explored despite hazards around every turn, the world of Once Human is exquisitely portrayed.

Players have the option to cooperate in order to survive in a hostile environment where food and water have been contaminated by Stardust and horrible monsters are prowling the area. Alternately, they can build strong weapons to engage rival players and take their resources.

The universe will be dynamically influenced by the players’ actions

For instance, the outcomes of battle decisions made by players may alter the fate of NPC groups, and their building and crafting operations may permanently alter the environment.

On November 17, a new 3-minute gameplay live battle demo for Once Human will make its debut at the PC Gaming Show 2023 Preview. It demonstrates how players can cooperate to take on formidable boss enemies.

A whopping 1.6 million people viewed the first trailer for Once Human during the IGN Summer of Gaming event, and the response from fans was overwhelmingly positive. Fans should anticipate some surprises as the Once Human live battle demo will unveil new upcoming content that is planned for the game.

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