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SpiritSwap Creates New Options for Traders via Orbs’ dTWAP Module


SpiritSwap will be using Orbs’ dTWAP Module for advanced order functionality, and giving traders more ways to make good trades.

The dTWAP (Decentralized Time Weighted Average Price) protocol is an advanced way to make orders on a decentralized exchange. It is being integrated into the SpiritSwap decentralized finance (DeFi) platform, and traders have every reason to look forward to the new functionality it provides.

Here is the thing, as far as decentralization has come, trading on a decentralized exchange is still pretty limited. Most exchanges only offer swap and limit orders.

Now, with the new dTWAP order, traders can move larger amounts through a decentralized exchange without worrying about making prices move in a big way, or having their orders go unfilled.

Orbs’ dTWAP is Here to Make Trading Better!

Once the integration is complete, SpiritSwap will take the position as first decentralized exchange (DEX) and automated market maker (AMM) to feature a dTWAP order for its traders.

Orbs’ dTWAP order offers full decentralization, and is permissionless. The composable dTWAP protocol to support advanced orders offers a level of functionality that no other exchange can match, and it is sure to be the envy of the entire decentralized exchange community.

According to a press release from SpiritSwap,

“Today’s decentralized trading infrastructure lacks liquidity, meaning any large order flow can cause significant adverse price impact. If we want to attract more sophisticated institutional investors to the decentralized ecosystem, alleviating these conditions with robust functionalities like TWAP is paramount…As the first-mover in this race, SpiritSwap’s dTWAP integration will showcase the powerful capabilities of our smart contracts and how they can expressly benefit both the liquidity and trade execution needed to support complex strategies.”

In addition to helping traders with more powerful trading tools, the dTWAP integration should drive higher levels of liquidity on SpiritSwap. With the integration, traders can use advanced trading strategies like automated and algorithmic strategies, which no other decentralized platform can match.

A Proven Tool

Decentralized time-weighted average price orders, or dTWAP orders are already used by professional traders, including institutional traders, in algorithmic trading across a range of markets. Basically, one larger order is broken up into smaller orders, so the overall market isn’t impacted by a sudden rush to buy or sell a given security.

In the wake of the FTX debacle, we all understand why decentralization is so important.

When people make on-chain transactions, there is always a record of the token movements, so it’s easy to see what is happening with assets. Unfortunately, trading on-chain is more expensive than CeFi solutions for the moment, and this puts informed traders into a difficult position.

Orbs is Making Decentralization Work

Orbs is a public and decentralized blockchain that has been around since 2017. With its layer-3 infrastructure, order execution happens with amazing speed – and an optimal price. A fair fee structure is built into the equation, with decentralization and security never being compromised.

The dTWAP functionalities from Orbs are a perfect match for SpiritSwap’s user base, and now Dollar-cost Averaging (DCA) orders can be used over much longer time frames. No more hassles for larger DCA orders with this system, which is great for traders that want more free time!

Traders on SpiritSwap can use a single, easy to understand screen to set their order parameters, like duration, size, interval, market orders, and limit orders.

With all the commotion in the crypto markets, the last thing traders need is more hassles with archaic orders, and hard to understand trading interfaces. Now, SpritSwap has the right tools for advanced traders, and with Orbs help, the future of decentralized trading is looking brighter all the time!

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