Tannenberg displays interesting gaming features PlatoBlockchain Data Intelligence. Vertical Search. Ai.

Tannenberg displays interesting gaming features

In order to survive a greater threat, temporarily join forces with the opposition. Wolf packs have started to reappear on Tannenberg’s WW1 battleground. The annual Wolf Truce event, where players can pause hostilities in order to cooperate against this new threat, is back this week.

The Wolf Truce for this year begins today, November 18, and lasts through November 28. During this period, a pack of wolves will disturb the battlefield and the sound of howling can interrupt regular Maneuver engagements, requiring players to adjust and aim their weapons at a different foe. The soldiers can then choose to stop firing while they deal with the new threat. It won’t be as simple as it first appears because this fragile peace can be broken by a one reckless shot.

Any player who declares a truce and keeps it up while escaping a wolf attack receives a unique in-game medal as a reward

This event was motivated by historical documents that discuss the possible role played by wolves on the Eastern Front, who may have been driven from their homes by human combat.

BlackMill Games creates video games that bring history to life. Each project undergoes extensive research to deliver historically accurate details and engaging gameplay. It and former partner M2H co-founded the WW1 Game Series almost ten years ago, and in 2015 they published the genuine squad-based WW1 FPS game Verdun.

The First World War was fought in many distinct theaters, and each game in the series is an independent work that offers a unique experience. The games have a solid scientific foundation and receive a lot of post-release support, which adds fresh challenges and content for the players.

French publishing company Focus Entertainment is situated in Paris. Focus, which is well-known for the caliber, variety, and uniqueness of its catalog, has produced and disseminated first-party works that have emerged as standards globally and are accessible both in-store and online. Games are published by Focus for PC, consoles, and all popular platforms.

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