Tron Founder Justin Sun Denies Huobi’s Ties With FTX PlatoBlockchain Data Intelligence. Vertical Search. Ai.

Tron Founder Justin Sun Denies Huobi’s Ties With FTX

  • Justin Sun denies lending exposure with FTX and Genesis.
  • Twitterati came to support Sun and believed his claims.
  • The recent FTX fallout has affected more victims in Taiwan.

In a recent tweet, Tron founder H.E. Justin Sun expressed that Huobi Global has nothing to do with the lending and risk exposure of FTX and Genesis.

Sun further accused that the listed firm Xinhuo Technology may be connected to the two allegedly fraudulent firms FTX and Genesis, but affirmed that Xinhuo has no ties to Huobi. In addition, Sun further warns Twitter users to distinguish the link between Xinhuo Technology and Huobi properly.

H.E. Justin Sun claimed Huobi has nothing to do with FTX and Genesis lending and risk exposure. The listed company Xinhuo Technology may be related to the two, but the listed company Xinhuo Technology has nothing to do with Huobi. In addition, Sun said that the community should carefully distinguish the listed company Xinhuo Technology from Huobi’s relationship.

In other news, according to an interview released by Substack, there are around 950 persons in Taiwan, four people who have lost more than $5 million, and the total victimization amount may be more than $150 million. As well as 90% being individual victims/retail investors. In mainland China, there were around 30 victims, with one victim losing more than $5 million.

The official Twitter account of Huobi’s Chinese channel also revealed that Huobi’s worldwide adviser and Tron founder, Justin Sun, will take part in the FTX debacle case. Sun aims to rescue token holders from the allegedly fraudulent FTX exchange. Sun also asked for the formation of the FTX-TRX system asset information synchronization. This will help actively coordinate with relevant parties and defend the rights and interests of users.

Amid FTX investigation, Justin Sun tweeted a reply to a netizen saying that he is in further communication with FTX and regulators. Sun is hopeful to help more users affected by this incident.

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