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Ukraine Cyber Response

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Cyberwarfare is the New Front Line

Comodo has taken the security of customers very seriously, whether those customers are at home in the US or abroad. Upon hearing the tragic news coming out of Ukraine, Comodo wishes to extend sympathy to all those suffering in this dark time. Loss of life and injuries for countless individuals highlight the physical battleground, but war is being waged in the digital realm as well, creating a second front line.

For the past few years, our very own Comodo Threat Lab has identified an ever-increasing rate of malware and other sophisticated cyberattacks. This ‘second battlefront line’ is not a new phenomenon and one could argue that this concept of cyber warfare has been a long time coming. Whilst we sit thousands of miles away from the front line in East Europe, the digital war can and will easily spread beyond the physical borders. Earlier this week, President Biden sent a direct warning of sanctions being imposed on the aggressor, in this case being Russia. But this announcement was soon followed by US officials advising private and public sector organizations to stay alert for any repercussion ransomware attacks in response to the heavy US and UK sanctions.

What does this mean for your organization?

Prior to Russia’s physical invasion on Thursday, Ukraine was already in the process of being bombarded with cyberattacks on all digital fronts, attacking critical infrastructure and Ukrainian private networks with a newly discovered (and catastrophic) data-wiping malware. At Comodo, we cannot emphasize enough the importance that every organization should not continue planning but rather enforce and deploy the appropriate security measures that continually monitor and respond to incoming threats. The mid-market is one such group that forms the backbone of numerous economies yet misses out on affordable enterprise-grade security. This mid-market cluster is equally not immune to targeted attacks, similar to large enterprises. It’s important to highlight whether a company is or is not a direct target of a foreign Government is beside the point. The risk comes directly from those that sympathize with that foreign Government, who in their quest to launch attacks and sabotage at will, can take place against ANY company regardless of size, sector or country.

Whether your organization is a 5-person startup or 1000+ corporation, everyone is a target and there’s no escaping that fact. The primary considerations that all organizations must ask themselves is if a nation-state attack hits you tomorrow, what would that mean for your direct business operations and customers? Will you be able to continue functioning? Will you be able to continue paying employee salaries? Can you pay your suppliers? And that’s only touching the surface…there is much more to reflect on.

We’re not here to tell you what solution(s) you should be investing in, after all, you know your IT environment better than anyone else and already understand that a single ‘silver bullet’ solution may not exist. However, we can advise on the measures your organization can take for a proactive and preventative approach to securing your digital borders. Customers using Comodo’s Advanced Endpoint Protection solution are in a position of strength and protected from WHEN known (or unknown) threats do occur, through our patented, industry-leading auto-containment feature. Our auto-containment technology helps businesses isolate infections such as ransomware and unknown threats, thus keeping your business secure.
As you begin each day, ask yourself, “what is my last line of defense?”


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