Unplugged Adds Over 20 New Songs, Expands Controller Support PlatoBlockchain Data Intelligence. Vertical Search. Ai.

Unplugged Adds Over 20 New Songs, Expands Controller Support

The Take Control update for Unplugged: Air Guitar is now live, adding over 20 new songs and expanded controller support.

First released last year, Unplugged: Air Guitar is one of VR’s more notable hand tracking games. While controller support was previously introduced for Valve Index, the new Take Control update greatly expands your options for PC VR. On SteamVR, Unplugged now supports HTC Vive Pro, Rift S, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. A separate controller update on Quest is also live, letting you pick between the game’s original hand-tracking or the Touch Controllers.

As for the new music, Take Control’s 20+ new songs adds further rock, punk and metal songs to the Unplugged tracklist. Unlike the previous Pantera and Riff Pack paid DLC, these new songs are also free for all players. Finally, Anotherway’s added four new guitar models for you to pick between, and over 20 cosmetic items.

We revisited our Unplugged: Air Guitar review earlier this year, following Quest’s hand tracking 2.0 update. Calling it a “close to night-and-day difference” compared to Unplugged’s launch state, we considered it the “first app to take Quest’s hand tracking to a new conceptual and technical level.”

At launch, the concept felt just slightly ahead of the technology, perhaps a few years behind developments that could take it to the next level. But only seven months later, it’s shocking how quickly Meta’s software has caught up and improved the experience from all angles. The baseline was already strong, but the game is now more accurate and responsive than ever.

Unplugged is available now on the Meta Quest platform, and it’s currently 40% off at $14.99. It’s also on PC VR via Steam and Rift for $24.99.

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