• WadzPay gains global attention for its close collaborations with the UAE.
  • The project is preparing for 2 tier-1 listings for its native asset WTK.
  • The price of WTK could pump tremendously between 10x and 100x.

As the crypto market recovers from a brutal dip, bullish sentiment takes over. Presently, WadzPay (WTK) is gaining global attention for its many successful strides in the space. With its tier-1 listings coming in the month of July, WTK is switching to bullish gears.

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In detail, an article interviewing the ‘Shewolf of Nasdaq’ Hasnae Taleb, WadzPay is featured as one of the reasons behind UAE becoming the next top financial hub. More so, Nasdaq Exchange officially congratulates WadzPay on launching WadzPay 2.0. 

To highlight, WadzPay 2.0 is a new generation blockchain-based payment technology that aims to transform digital currency payments and improve user experience. In the article, Taleb says the UAE is the New American Dream.

No doubt, the UAE has taken active part in supporting and adopting technological innovations till date. In fact, it has been one of the most actively welcoming country to adopt blockchain and crypto technology to further advance its business and financial goals. So much so, that UAE is positioned itself as a hub of investment and finance innovations in the Middle East, as Taleb mentions.  

So far, WadzPay is in collaboration with the UAE. The entity has secured its VASP license and now appears on UAE’s VARA website for broker-dealer services. Now, WadzPay is gearing up to release the WadzPay Chain in the UAE with WTK native token playing a key role. 

In just a few days, WadzPay will unveil 2 bullish tier-1 listings onto crypto exchanges for its native token WTK. With a market cap of just over $21 million, WTK holders and crypto enthusiasts around the world expect WTK to pull a 10x or 100x price pump following the tier-1 listings. 

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