XRP Ledger Builders To Launch Another XUMM Wallet On/Off Ramp Supporting 13 Stablecoins PlatoBlockchain Data Intelligence. Vertical Search. Ai.

XRP Ledger Builders To Launch Another XUMM Wallet On/Off Ramp Supporting 13 Stablecoins

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Gatehub Partners With XRP Ledger Builders To Launch Another XUMM Wallet On/Off Ramp.

Developers are working on launching another on/off ramp for the XUMM wallet to allow users to fund and withdraw directly on the XUMM app.

XUMM wallet users will soon be able to fund and withdraw their coins on the XUMM wallet thanks to an integration with GateHub, according to GateHub CEO Enej Pungerčar in a tweet yesterday.

“On/off ramp for all 13 supported stablecoins issued by @GateHub will be fully integrated into @XummWallet,” Pungerčar tweets. “You will be able to fund and withdraw coins without leaving Xumm!”

Presently, it is not clear when this feature will roll out. Senior XRP Ledger and XUMM developer Wietse Wind asserted that it might take a while, but once it is ready, it will ship with an app update.

Notably, it is yet another feature that will allow users to stay on the self-custody app and remove the need for central exchanges. As one user highlights, it is a necessary feature, as we have witnessed the collapse of several centralized crypto platforms this year. 

It bears mentioning that XRPL developers have already launched an XRP on/off ramp service for XUMM Pro wallet users in the Netherlands. It allows users to convert their XRP holdings to Euros and vice versa in minutes without a third party, though it requires KYC to confirm Dutch residency. Developers are currently working on extending the service to other parts of Europe and the United Kingdom.

It costs $5 in addition to the $60 XUMM Pro yearly subscription.

However, the latest GateHub integration may not be geographically limited. Wind responded in the affirmative when asked if a user could convert XRP to USD on XUMM using the feature.

The latest developments reflect statements from Ripple chief Brad Garlinghouse at the Ripple Swell event. Garlinghouse asserted that Ripple remains focused on solving real-world problems.

Notably, Pungerčar was also a speaker at the event. “If we started building GateHub today, we would choose XRPLedger again,” the GateHub founder asserted.

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