Wissam Breidy Joins the Crypto Oasis in a Strategic Partnership to bring Blockchain and Web3 to the Mainstream Global Arab Community.

The partnership with the celebrated Arab media personality and entrepreneur will help break new ground and drive awareness about blockchain technologies in the Arabic-speaking community Key Highlights: Popular TV figure, Communication Advisor, Entrepreneur and Arab media celebrity, Wissam Breidy, is partnering with Crypto Oasis to further Web3 adoption in the Arabic-speaking communityWissam will also be an initiator of the Crypto Oasis arte community, aiming to increase awareness in the NFT and Metaverse domainThe alliance will foster larger adoption in the Arab-speaking sector August, 2022 - Dubai, UAE: Lebanese media figure,

Blockchain Maturity Model (BMM) Experts are Ready

Washington, DC, August 12, 2022 – The Government Blockchain Association (GBA) has trained its inaugural class of Blockchain Maturity Model (BMM) experts. These GBA BMM professionals will do Blockchain consulting and participate on Blockchain enterprise appraisals. GBA’s first class of blockchain experts mean Blockchain Maturity evaluations are now underway. Why is the BMM Important? “Governments and organizations around the world are beginning to acquire blockchain solutions. But most do not have the knowledge or framework to distinguish between a reliable solution or a hyped prototype,” said Gerard Dache, Executive Director

Web3 Telecommunications Startup Wayru Launches Decentralized Internet Network

Press Release: Web3 telecommunications startup Wayru.io is launching its decentralized Internet hotspot network & Genesis hardware devices to usher in a new era of connectivity.  9th August 2022, Miami – The Wayru ecosystem enables anyone to buy its Hotspot Pool Tokens to support the network, or become an even more integral part of the Wayru infrastructure by owning one of the first 1,000 Genesis hardware devices.  The Lack of Connectivity In 2011 the United Nations released a report declaring that internet access was a human right, citing it as a

Paribus: DeFi Protocol for Exotic Digital Assets

DeFi protocol Paribus announces the launch of their testnet MVP, the beginning of a new approach to DeFi. Secure, trustless, and truly decentralized, Paribus users will be able to borrow against previously illiquid digital assets such as NFTs. Put simply, Paribus is a cross-chain, DeFi borrowing and lending protocol. With the unique selling point of allowing exotic assets like NFTs, LP tokens, virtual lands and synthetics to be used as collateral for loans. The platform will also utilize standard crypto assets. Being cross-chain, Paribus will be on multiple chains but

‘Gumball Dreams’ to have its
International Premiere at the
79th Venice International Film Festival

Ferryman Collective | Live Immersive VR Experiences  An intimate Virtual Reality experience featuring live theatrical performances from the award-winning VR production company, Ferryman Collective and Screaming Color.  On a foreign planet, you have been sent on a mission to help an alien creature transition. Falling through memories, Onyx reveals the music of the spheres and the nature of existence, as you fly through worlds both inner & outer.   Greetings, traveler.  Los Angeles, California (August 4th, 2022) – Internationally premiering at the 79th Venice International Film Festival, brought to you by

What is cryptocurrency decentralization

The main idea of ​​digital money is distributed processing of financial transactions. The blockchain functions through the actions of ordinary users. Cryptocurrency network participants connect to Bitcoin and other chains through a software client and become nodes of the system. They perform the main work - they process transactions, create new links, and so on. This is called the decentralization of cryptocurrencies. The capacity of a peer-to-peer network depends on all nodes, not a single server. However, one should understand where and how decentralization is applied in the field of

World’s biggest deal for Humanoid Robots inked

Robotics innovator Beyond Imagination, Inc. has entered into an agreement with SELF Labs, Inc. to provide at least 1,000 humanoid robots for use in agricultural “grow boxes''. This is believed to be the largest deal of its kind. SELF and Beyond are announcing a partnership to develop automated off-the-grid grow boxes. Each box will be equipped with solar panels, windmills, atmospheric water generators, 5G, and an advanced version of Beyond Imagination’s Beomni™ robot with its Omni-Purpose AI Brain. By aligning the visions of Milan Cheeks of SELF and Dr. Harry

Government Association Endorses Blockchain for Elections

August 3, 2022 – Washington, DC. The 2020 US elections were a painful display of a breakdown in public trust. Declining trust in elections threatens democratic institutions all over the world, and it is imperative we restore it in our democratic institutions. US Federal law requires that overseas, military, and disabled voters have access to remote voting. States permit the use of email, fax, or mail-in ballots. However, many of these methods used today lack the security required to maintain integrity of the election results. The most important aspect in restoring

Javascript – The Most Popular Language in The Ethereum World

Introduction Javascript has been the most popular programming language on the web since it was introduced in 1995, and its popularity has only increased with time. The simplicity and flexibility of Javascript make it easy for anyone with basic computer skills to write code, and at the same time, it allows developers to create websites with as much power as their imaginations. Due to these features, Javascript has become one of the most popular languages across all of the Internet, but it’s especially important in the Ethereum world because of

5 Skills You Need To Get A Job in Crypto

Introduction If you want to work in the world of crypto, there are certain skills you need to learn and master. Whether you are looking for an entry-level or senior-level job, this list will cover the most essential skills you need to get hired as quickly as possible. While some of these may not be directly related to cryptocurrencies, they are critical components of working within this industry. So without further ado, here are 5 skills you need to get a job in crypto! Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual

6th Annual ConV2X Telehealth 2022 Event Announced

The acclaimed annual telehealth event catalyzes C-suite global market executives driving the transformation of telehealth, data science, and edge technologies and includes healthcare leadership & breakthrough technology providers to inspire and guide informed decision making to successfully navigate a new digital health era. The full day event will present keynotes, panel discussions, and unparalleled business and research network opportunities The audience includes top multidisciplinary global leaders from platform providers, health systems, payors, universities, government, NGO, consultants, think tanks, clinicians, pharmaceutical & medical device manufacturers, VCs/Investors, students and startups. Date: Thursday,