Game developer Square Enix doubles down on NFT projects

Game developer Square Enix doubles down on NFT projects Blockchain PlatoBlockchain Data Intelligence. Vertical Search. Ai.

The gaming and crypto industry were both rocked when Square Enix announced their involvement with the development of games using non-fungible tokens (NFT). This announcement was made in the turnover of the year 2022.

Since then, Square Enix has made many business-centric decisions including selling their Western studios including the intellectual properties they hold. Such a decision was said to enable the launch of new businesses moving forward. Among the prospects they claim they are looking into are developments in blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), and cloud technology.

Square Enix’s promises a story-driven NFT game

What does Square Enix have planned for the future? They revealed in the Shareholders’ 2022 Meeting Report of 13 May 2022 plans of implementing blockchain into its games. Some examples given were for Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest future projects. It’s the biggest possible innovation ever in crypto with the potential to set a new industry like Bitcoin online casino businesses in recent years.

Square Enix promises the development of story-driven NFT games. It’s a huge deviation from other developers’ vision of blockchain-based game development. Most would conceptualise an economy- or community-driven ecosystem so the idea of a story-driven game using NFTs is a huge undertaking.

Developers and artists in Square Enix’s team clarify their intention of creating entertainment first and foremost. Thus, company president Yosuke Matsuda said that it’s still too early to consider making Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy blockchain games. There are still many factors they wish to explore and are unsure how to make it feel unique.

Square Enix’s history in story-driven game development

It’s not surprising that Square Enix aims to make a story-driven game even with NFT assets. After all, they find more success in grand-scale adventure games than in multiplayer experiences. Final Fantasy XIV is an exception to this where it’s both a grand-scale adventure story in a massively multiplayer online (MMO) setting. It can be the template for Square Enix’s plan on making their own metaverse using Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest elements.

Other example of Square Enix’s successful story-driven game is the critically acclaimed Nier series as well as Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Unfortunately, the latter title was sold along with their Western studio to Embracer Group. It’s still a great example of Square Enix’s quality in making story-driven interactive experiences given its success among gamers worldwide.

What does this mean for the crypto market?

The introduction of a story-driven blockchain game is an interesting prospect but the more exciting part of this is Square Enix joining the NFT game development community. Having a triple A company onboard in the industry can help instil confidence in blockchain investors. This can also draw Square Enix’s fans to be interested in the crypto-centric games.

At the moment, there are Bitcoin online slots gaming and play-to-earn (P2E) games for entertainment which the blockchain is incorporated. Square Enix can be the first to open a new avenue and they are the perfect company to take the lead. Look forward to more development in this area so you don’t miss out on world-changing innovations in entertainment.

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