Cardano’s Hoskinson Lambasts XRP Army for Being Unreasonably Vicious PlatoBlockchain Data Intelligence. Vertical Search. Ai.

Cardano’s Hoskinson Lambasts XRP Army for Being Unreasonably Vicious




Charles Hoskinson, the co-founder of Cardano, has hit back at XRP supporters over claims that he was trying to damage Ripple’s reputation and create FUD against the embattled network.

In a six-minute video Friday, Hoskinson expressed frustrations over how some XRP community members had responded to comments he made concerning the projected time the SEC vs Ripple case would likely end.

I talked a bit about a rumour that I had heard from a pretty reliable source who was close to the case about a potential resolution of the case by December 15th. So, I just threw it out there and said, well, that’s something I’ve heard,” he said referring to comments he made in a surprise Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Monday, Dec 12.

According to Hoskinson, it was perfectly normal to reference the XRP case when asked whether Cardano was a security because the Ripple case is one of the corollaries to any cryptocurrencies being securities.

However, despite clarifying that he had made the comments out of a “rumour”, many people in both the XRP community and the media started spreading the word that Charles Hoskinson believed the case was going to get settled on December 15th.




“After it didn’t get resolved, I was accused of lying and I was accused of yet again creating a FUD and trolling,” he said. 

XRP Adherents

Hoskinson, who claimed to have been supportive of Ripple’s initiatives and efforts to popularize cryptocurrency, blamed a section of Ripple supporters for allegedly being close-minded.

Apart from not believing that XRP is a security, he noted that he did not think that the SEC was bribed to go after Ripple, saying that those claims were “a conspiracy”. Further, he noted that although Ethereum did get gentler treatment for some reason than others, that did not necessarily mean that there was bribery and corruption.

“For saying that, I was mocked, harassed and brutalized by the XRP community, and yet again, now I’m being brutalized.”

“So, it has left me asking, ‘is there any value at all in mentioning, engaging with or discussing anything about XRP?’ and at this juncture, given what’s happened, I don’t think there is…If asked in the future about XRP, I’m just going to say “NO COMMENT”, he concluded, noting that never in his career in the crypto space had he encountered a community so willing to attack a person who frankly has not attacked them viciously.

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