Craig Wright Denies Forging Documents in High-Profile Bitcoin Lawsuit

Craig Wright Denies Forging Documents in High-Profile Bitcoin Lawsuit

Craig Wright Denies Forging Documents in High-Profile Bitcoin Lawsuit PlatoBlockchain Data Intelligence. Vertical Search. Ai.
  • Shortly after admitting to forging key documents to claim Satoshi Nakamoto’s identity, Craig Wright has denied the claim.

In the ongoing court battle over the identity of Bitcoin’s creator, Craig Wright continues to face accusations that he forged documents to support his claim of being Satoshi Nakamoto. 

However, Wright maintains the documents were faked by others to frame him.

Wright vs. COPA: ‘Industrial Scale’ Forgery Accusation Clouds Craig Wright’s Claim as Bitcoin’s Founder

Craig Wright remains firm in asserting he is Bitcoin’s founder Satoshi Nakamoto amidst claims he forged documents to prove his identity in the high-profile Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA) lawsuit. 

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It was reported that Wright proposed a settlement. COPA took a hard pass on the settlement offer prior to the trial.

The trial transcript was streamed by the X user “@bitnorbert” as he shed light on a separate case involving Wright versus Hodlonaut. 

Wright alleges that numerous disputed documents, including emails and source code, were fabricated by hostile parties like Ira Kleiman and former associates to discredit him. 

Referring to a purported 2008 email between Wright and Dave Kleiman, Wright stated Kleiman doctored the document, saying “My understanding was that it was a real document.”

However, Wright could not definitively validate the email’s authenticity. 

“I set up everything saying I had no involvement. I was precluded from even asking [Savannah] anything about trustees,” bitnorbert’s transcript details. 

“After [year] I validated that this is not an authentic document. I made the comment many times to the magistrate is that I can’t say if it’s real. I know now is that this didn’t happen, and that document is not real,” Wright is quoted as saying.

On several documents marked as forgeries that he previously vouched for in court, Wright contends he was unable to confirm their validity at the time. 

“I said […] It’s a third-party document. I was asked to validate by third-party a document I had never seen,” he remarked. 

While Wright maintains that he authored the original Bitcoin white paper, he acknowledges that disputed versions of the document contain edits that he alleges were made by others for malicious purposes.

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“Completely authentic. None of the people have seen it,” Wright commented regarding forensic analyses indicating manipulation.

Despite Wright’s claims of framing attempts, inconsistencies in his accounts cast doubt on his credibility. In addition to bitnorbert’s transcript of Wright’s examination, COPA shared a statement about the trial this week.

“Our case is that Dr Wright’s claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto is a brazen lie, an elaborate false narrative supported by forgery on an industrial scale,” the COPA representative said.

The trial continues for several more weeks as Wright aims to prove his identity as Satoshi Nakamoto.

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