No Agreement Between TerraCVita and Lithosphere to Burn 2.5T LUNC

No Agreement Between TerraCVita and Lithosphere to Burn 2.5T LUNC

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Classy Crypto debunks any link between TerraCVita and Lithosphere.

Prominent Terra Classic community member Classy Crypto has announced that the LUNC development group TerraCVita (TCV) is not affiliated with Lithosphere Network. 

“LUNC community TCV is NOT associated in ANY way with @SuperLitho,” Classy Crypto said. 

Classy Crypto also informed the Terra Classic community that TCV is no longer associated with the Jets. The famous Terra Classic influencer attached an image that illustrates a partnership between Lithosphere, Jets, and TCV. A part of the image reads “2.5T LUNC Burn Update.”

Lithospere’s Projects to Burn 2.5T LUNC

The development comes following Lithosphere’s continuous announcement of its plan to burn 2.5T LUNC tokens via its play-to-earn (P2E) game Finesse. Classy Crypto said the marketing strategy is deceptive while expressing TCV’s commitment to protecting Terra Classic community members.

“We’re always here to protect our community. Stay safe & always DYOR,” Classy Crypto added. 

While Classy Crypto’s announcement is imperative to keep community members safe from falling prey to hoax projects, some LUNC faithful who have placed their hopes on the initiative may feel disappointed.  

Terra Rebels Denies Having Links With Lithosphere

Notably, this is not the first time a Terra Classic development group publicly denies having affiliations with Lithosphere Network. 

In October, reXx of the Terra Rebels noted that the LUNC development group has no official partnership with Lithosphere and Kaj Labs, despite the project’s continuous mention of its name in different press releases for the Finesse game. 

“LUNC community. I’m not sure why @SuperLitho @KaJLabs decided to throw Terra Rebels name into their medium article, but no such agreement between Lithosphere and us was established,” reXx said in a tweet.

Meanwhile, a member of Terra Rebels named Alex Forshaw called the project an obvious scam. 

As reported by TheCryptoBasic, Kaj Labs and Lithospere promised to support the ongoing Terra Classic burn campaign by incinerating a whopping 2.5T LUNC via the Finesse game.

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