Terra Classic Development Group Claim To Have Delivered Key Infrastructure With Allnodes PlatoBlockchain Data Intelligence. Vertical Search. Ai.

Terra Classic Development Group Claim To Have Delivered Key Infrastructure With Allnodes

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TerraCVita says it has completed the final update on critical Terra Station infrastructure.

TerraCVita, in a tweet yesterday, says it has completed the final FCD endpoint update to allow for independent hosting of the Terra Classic network.

According to the announcement, the group completed the critical Terra Station infrastructure requirement with help from Allnodes.

Terraform Labs staff Jared had previously disclosed that unstable infrastructure was causing withdrawal and staking issues on Terra Station, revealing that TerraCVita, Allnodes, and the Terra Rebels were all working on independent solutions. 

While Jared insists that Allnodes was providing backup infrastructure, a separate message from Rex Harrison, AKA Rexzy, a senior TerraCVita member, alleged that TerraCVita provided the infrastructure instead. The latest announcement indicates that it may have been a joint effort from TerraCVita and Allnodes.

TerraCVita, in a previous tweet, disclosed it was expecting the FCD infrastructure last Wednesday.

It bears mentioning that the Terra Rebels have handed over Terra Station maintenance for the Terra Classic chain to the TerraCVita, opting to focus on Rebel Station, its TFL-independent alternative. The move came after the network came close to losing TFL Station support.

Currently, TerraCVita is working to position itself as the top development group on the Terra Classic network. So far, it has helped with the rollout of a casino on the network and may currently be working with Unity Development Team to launch a lending and borrowing application on the blockchain.

It is worth noting that the development group is not shy about subtweeting or poking holes at the operations of its competitors in its race to become number one.

“… you can trust us because we are not all talk, we always deliver promises rather than break them,” Rexzy tweeted yesterday in response to the announcement.

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