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Meta Horizon Worlds Spotlight: Magical Butterfly Sanctuary

Welcome back to our weekly spotlight on the people building for Meta Horizon Worlds and their amazing creations.

Last week, we delved into how a creative, musical, and science background helped tMARKbirman become the prolific creator of worlds like MARK’s Fantastic Planet and MARK’s Ski Resort World.

This week, we visited the lovely world of the Magical Butterfly Sanctuary, a place where you can challenge yourself to an exciting mini game or just meander around a quiet garden and hear the fluttering of nearby butterflies.

Life is about transformation, and that’s true in Worlds as well. At least in Mike8104’s enchanting Magical Butterfly Sanctuary.

When you enter this quiet, calm world, you find yourself inside a dome under a bright blue sky, surrounded by a well-tended garden with plenty of room to walk around. If you’re so inclined, you can wander over to a little coffee stand and sit down with a friend and have a chat.

Still, the real purpose of your visit is to check out the butterflies. To whet your appetite, you’ll see a little yellow one fluttering around. But there’s so many more to see—if you’re up to the task.

In front of you is a magical caterpillar. If you want it to transform into a butterfly, it’s entirely up to you. Grab the pair of shears on the little table in front of you and start clipping the nearby plant’s leaves to feed the caterpillar. The more you clip, the more points you earn. Your score determines the kind of butterfly it becomes—the higher it goes, the rarer (and prettier) the butterfly will be.

Landing a super high score and getting to see a rare Blue Morpho means you need to clip really fast. Which, of course, is at the far end of the energetic spectrum from the slow, gentle pace of everything else about this world. Still, it’s worth it when you see a gorgeous Doris Longwing flying around you for a moment before it drifts off and away, leaving you to contemplate nature and whether you feel like engineering another transformation or if you’re content with what you’ve already seen.

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